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We stock a wide range of natural health products that can help with the following issues:

-Digestion and detox                    –Men and women’s health

-Immune support                         – Stress

-Sleep and mood disorders          –Cardiovascular support

-Mental health                              –Weight management

-Chronic illnesses                         –And more…

Natural remedies can be helpful in maintaining optimal health, especially in this day and age where we live busy and rushed, and where we don’t always put our health first in terms of diet, sleep, exercise and self care.  Some medications and medical conditions can also deprive the body of certain vitamins and/or minerals. Ask our pharmacist to help you choose a natural product that is appropriate and safe for you.



Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins & Supplements

Whole Health Pharmacy and Compounding carries a carefully selected range of top quality health products.  Our practitioner-only products will not be found at a retail or health food store. Let us guide you to create a personalized supplement plan, tailored to your individual goals.



Biofeedback is a tool that allows the individual to receive feedback, through sight and/or sound, about what is happening in his/her body in order to better manage some reactions. Biofeedback uses heart rate, skin conduction, breathing, and muscle tension.

Neurofeedback uses the observation of one’s own brain waves. Neurofeedback training allows the person to self-        regulate the production of certain waves, to improve how areas of the brain talk with each other efficiently, leading to improvement in attention, control of emotions and behaviors.

Herabl Therapy

Herbal Remedies

When used as part of an overall integrative approach to maintaining health, herbal remedies have shown significant success in treating a variety of ailments. Success is often best met when herbal remedies are coupled with dietary and lifestyle modifications, and in conjunction with other natural and pharmaceutical treatments. Our pharmacist can ensure that your herbal remedy does not interfere with any currently prescribed medications.

Medical Cannabis Education

Medical Cannabis Education

What is cannabis? How will it help my health condition? Is it safe? How do I use it? What is a “strain” and how do I choose the strain most appropriate for my condition? How do I access my medication? Who can I talk to for more information and support?

The team at Whole Health Pharmacy and Compounding College Heights is here to answer all your questions and assist you in becoming knowledgeable on issues regarding strain selection, dosing, safety concerns and side effects.

We can help to:

– Educate you about the therapeutic effects of medical cannabis

– Provide you with essential guidelines for safe and effective dosing

– Discuss the modes of administration most suitable for your condition and symptoms